Hot spots

Here are some sustainable hot spots in Eindhoven:


Jungle Cafe: Delicious coffee and tea, family friendly (they have a little tree house for kids) & all vegan too!

Anne & Max Eindhoven (Kleine Berg) (You can get a discount if you choose plant based milk)

Tea Stories: (Here you can also buy loose leaf tea in your own container)

Guilty Pleasures: (Snack bar, you can bring your own container, home made vega(n) snacks too)

F Life: A new Japanese restaurant that is a gem. Delicious vegan and vegetarian food, real Japanese food.

Turkish Tale

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Organic market at Wilhelminaplein on Saturdays: (vegetables and fruit, and bread from Meelmuts)

All the markets in Eindhoven:

Stadsbakkerij Broodt: (Bread)

Balance Natuurvoeding:

Genneper Hoeve:

Philips Fruittuin: (Local /organic produce, during the autumn you can go here and pick up apples and pears, they have a pancake restaurant too)

Simon Levelt: (You can bring your own container for loose leaf tea and coffee)

De Chocolademeisjes: Sustainable chocolate & events in Eindhoven

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2ND HAND STORES IN EINDHOVEN (These are just a few, you can search Tweedehands Eindhoven and all the shops pop up)

A good place to donate clothes:

Stichting Wereldhuis: (Well organized store, that has good selection about everything, good selection of craft materials)

Terre des Hommes Eindhoven: (Small, but tidy shop)

Dorcas: (Big store, has a lot of everything)

Books 4 Life:

Minibieb: (Little book closets everywhere, you can take books and bring books)

Awesome Kledingruil ateriel: (You can donate clothes here and in return you get tokens to use in the store)

All vintage, second hand and vintage clothing: (You can bring your clothing here, and they will try to sell it for 12 weeks for you, and you will get a share of the sale price)

To see more in map form, click this link:

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Do you need something fixed? Check out Repair Cafes:

Too good to go -app to rescue groceries that otherwise would go to waste

Gratis af the halen in Eindhoven (everything is free on this Facebook group)

Reduce Reuse & Recycle Facebook group: Reduce Reuse & Recycle in Eindhoven

Cosmethics app (In this app you can specify all your need and also avoid plastic in your products)

Beat the microbead app (Avoid microbeads in your products)

Brabant water free water: (13-11-2022: Ten Hagestraat in Eindhoven is currently not there)

Another source for free water:

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Immy aka Sustainably vegan:

Emma aka The Simple Environmentalist:

Gittemary Johansen: